Cluster Leadership Program [Self-Paced]

Cluster Leadership Program [Self-Paced]

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Designed for cluster managers, cluster boards, national cluster programs, policy makers, and ecosystem developers, the Global Cluster Leadership Program helps you build capacity for cluster management.

Learn more about the program here.

What you get:

  • Action-based learning & development program for cluster leadership
  • Learn the latest best practices and strategy processes of successful innovation clusters
  • Discover how the global cluster landscape is changing
  • Develop a digital transformation project for your cluster
  • Find new ways of successfully developing your innovation cluster
  • Connect and network with fellow cluster leaders
  • Work directly with cluster expert Christian Rangen

Key topics explored in the program:

  • How to develop cluster success stories
  • How to build better innovation clusters
  • How are clusters evolving and changing
  • How to develop better strategies for cluster
  • How to achieve impact in your cluster leadership role
  • How to use new strategy tools to grow your innovation cluster

Team discounts available.